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Reminder About Solicitors

With the arrival of warmer weather, the Town has recently received applications for door-to-door solicitation in the Town. Town Residents are reminded that the Town’s Solicitation Law provides that Town Residents who DO NOT want solicitors visiting their homes may notify the Town Clerk in writing and their address will be provided to potential solicitors advising them in advance of residents who have indicated that they do not want solicitors.

In addition, any resident may post a sign indicating "No Soliciting" in a prominent location that would be visible to solicitors and solicitors must not attempt to solicit at such locations. 

The Town Code restricts authorized soliciting to the hours from 9:00AM to 6:00 PM. If solicitors visit your home prior outside of those times, please get their name and notify either the Town Clerk or the Town Supervisor 845-496-5223. 

All solicitors are required to have a Town certificate and photo ID that is visible on their outermost garment. The photo ID will have their picture and their name, the name of their company and ID number on it. If a solicitor visits your home and they do not have a Town certificate and photo ID please call the Blooming Grove Police at 845-496-9161 as they are not authorized to solicit in the Town of Blooming Grove.

To register your property, you may email [email protected] or you may call the Clerk. If you have any questions, please contact the clerk’s office at 845-496- 5223 ext. 2.